Hello SHSU (and world)!

August 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

You’re either reading this because you stumbled upon this blog or because you purposefully clicked the link included in the latest Books & Bytes newsletter. Either way, welcome!

I am your host. Quick bit about me: I am Michelle Martinez. I’m an assistant professor (so I do publish with an eye towards tenure), but mainly I’m a reference librarian at Newton Gresham Library. I have an M.A. in English & an M.S. in Library Science. My specialities are Literature & English, though I branch out into Popular Culture from time to time (which includes graphic novels). I am also your editor-in-chief of Books & Bytes. If there’s an unsigned or unattributed article or piece, that’s me talking to you.

I’ve created this blog to post book reviews and information related to the bibliosphere. I am, indeed, a bibliophile. I will, from time to time, try to introduce other bibliophiles and librarians to you. I say try because you can lead a librarian to a blog but you can’t make her type.

If you’ve read a book and want to tell the world about it, then email me at mmm034@shsu.edu and send a short review along with the book’s information (as well as your name & a little bit about yourself, such as your major/department) and I just might post it here! I will only accept reviews from SHSU emails. It’s not that I don’t want to play with anyone else in the blogosphere, but I want this to focus on Newton Gresham Library’s patrons and the services we offer them: I will be including links to reviews, articles, or film clips that a non-SHSU member will not be able to access.

2 Rules for Commentary: Be respectful & be on topic. Shout-outs to your Department Chair won’t be posted. I will be monitoring comments.

Let me know what you like to read, what you think about a certain book we’ve reviewed if you’ve read it, or share in the conversation.


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