Food Rules

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Food Rules by Michael Pollan is a handy-dandy pocket-size (or maybe a little larger) guide to what you should eat and why. What he says makes perfect sense and a lot of it is knowledge we’ve lost over the years as a society or that we weren’t raised with due to a variety of factors from ignorance to money. Food Rules is broken down into 3 sections: 1- What should I eat? (Eat food) 2 – What kind of food should I eat? (Mostly plants) and 3 – How should I eat? (Not too much).

I’m thrilled Pollan didn’t make this book longer than it needed to be. This is a very quick book and is ideal for folks who are looking to eat and live healthier or who want a nice reminder of what to do and why.

This book is located at RA 784.P6429 2009.

View this Films on Demand video (46 minutes) on Food and Obesity: What we eat and educate yourself.

We also have other books by Michael Pollan.  You can learn more about Michael Pollan at his website


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