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Unbeknownst: without the knowledge of

first recorded use according to the Oxford English Dictionary is in 1848 by Elizabeth Gaskell (Victorian novelist & short story writer)

Unbeknownst to me was the poet Julie Hanson until I read her selection of poetry in Unbeknownst published by University of Iowa Press.

Hanson won the Iowa Poetry Prize in 2010.

I was drawn in from the first moment of Hanson’s writing. She uses concrete imagery in a way that places you directly in her midst. These are lovely poems about everyday life and worry, about situations we find ourselves in on occasion (such as the significant other betraying our confidences that we ourselves betrayed when our best friend swore us to secrecy), and strange situations such as using a book to conk a muskrat on the head.

Read more about her and her work in the UI Press news release.

To read a copy you’ll need to borrow it from another library.


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