We have chemistry!

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Chemiluminescence . . . supercalifragilisticsexpialidocious? No. Chemiluminescence.

     Pronunciation:  Brit. /ˌkɛmɪˌluːmᵻˈnɛsns/ , U.S. /ˌkɛmiˌluməˈnɛsns/
          Etymology:  < chemi- (in chemical adj.) + luminescence n., after German Chemiluminescenz (E. Weidemann 1888,
     in Ann. Physik und Chemie 34 448; now Chemilumineszenz).

The emission of light during a chemical reaction, occurring without emission of heat; the light produced by such a reaction.

-from the Oxford English Dictionary

Lynn McMain, Head of Reference & Instruction at Newton Gresham Library, shares a dialogue with Dr. Thomas Chasteen, professor of Chemistry at Sam Houston State University. Listen to the podcast. They discuss his “academic genealogy,” his research activities in chemiluminescence and atmospheric chemistry, the acclaimed chemistry websites that he maintains, his approach to teaching and embracing of new educational technologies, and his international collaborative work with other chemists. (from Musings from Sam Houston’s Stomping Grounds)

Dr. Chasteen provides the top page for chemiluminescence as well as a Primer for Analytical Instruments and Spectroscopic Concepts. He discusses these webpages in his interview.

You can also checkout one of Dr. Chasteen’s books from the Library: Qualitative and instrumental analysis of environmentally significant elements. You can view a list of his publications online & request what we might not have through ILL.

For some suggested readings, provided by Lynn McMain, try:
Chemiluminescence and Bioluminescence : past, present and future by Aldo Roda
QP517 .C54 C53 2011

Bioluminescence : chemical principles and methods by Osamu Shimomura
QH641 .S52 2006

The Chemistry of the Atmosphere : its impact on global change : perspectives and recommendations by John W. Birks
QC879.6 .I55 1991

Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry by Stanley E. Manahan
TD193 .M36 2009

Atmospheric Science at NASA : a history by Erik M. Conway
QC855 .C66 2008

Atmospheric Science : an introductory survey by John M. Wallace
QC861.3 .W34 2006

The Joy of Chemistry : the amazing science of familiar things by Cathy Cobb QD35 .C56 2005



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