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April 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

I attended a conference last week, so in preparation I downloaded some free fiction for airplane reading to my iPad. I scrolled through the free books, not just the classics like Jane Austen or Wilkie Collins, and selected some very strange and random titles. I was pleasantly surprised and my roulette luck with these Kindle books. Some of these titles are no longer free–you just have to do a search on Amazon.com for the free flavour of the week/day/hour.

The first I read was classified as a short story called “Into the Vortex: a short story” by Bryan Pedas. There was already a four-star review left on the title when I came to it. I’m leery of these stars because for all I know it’s someone’s mother or girlfriend posting positive reviews. The publication date is just a few weeks ago in March, and the whole synopsis is: “A spineless everyman reflects on life, love, and the big swirling rip in space and time located behind his bookshelf.” “Into the Vortex” is definitely not a deep read and probably would only be a few pages, if pages were numbered in the Kindle downloads, but it is quirky. And you’re left wondering–what about the vortex. You want to know more about it–how did it get there, where does it lead to, does the protagonist finally throw himself into it–and you get nada but the tantalizing wondering like in a G

Photo by Jules Holleboom

Photo by Jules Holleboom

uy Ritchie film: what really happens in “the end” that we don’t see?

The next download I finished, on the same flight, was Spirm Jock. Ok, the title alone may be enough to make people cringe, but, honestly, read the book. It’s hilarious. I really did laugh aloud while at the airport, and read passages aloud to my travelling colleague. So, Spirm Jock is an Australian Champion Waterfall Jumper who wants to take the world by storm. He has a nemesis, Hugh Jorgan (and I didn’t get the pun until later), who is trying to steal Spirm’s title. Meanwhile, Spirm falls in love with a Wisconsin beauty and goes to America to become a U.S. champion and meet his future in-laws. The story focuses very much around Spirm and his future-mum-in-law, who absolutely loathes this half-naked, sports sex symbol, and their relationship. The book is absolutely quirky, at times hilarious, and endearing. Not only is Spirm not the vapid person he seems, but neither is this book. Give it a read!


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