Gone Girl (and with it my patience)

March 21, 2014 § Leave a comment


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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a dark thriller. Or it’s meant to be a thriller. Naturally, these are only my opinions and other people have highly rated and praised this title. In fact, it’s going to be made into a movie.

Flynn is definitely a talented writer. She kept me turning pages despite my recent iPad addiction to game

apps. I became invested in the main characters, husband and wife, and consumed each chapter. Because this is a thriller, and if you don’t like spoilers, then don’t flip through the chapters: the chapter headings and section titles tell you what’s going on and will give away the plot twists.

Nick and Amy are married, recently moved to Missouri from bustling Manhattan to take care of Nick’s dying mother, and are about to have their fifth wedding anniversary when Amy goes missing (hence the title). If you want to be kept in darkness, then you can read a teaser of the book at Gillian Flynn’s site. I would encourage you to give this book of hers a read but only if you can deal with frustrating characters, a few, and unnecessary, authorial intrusions, and flat out authorial cheats.

Ultimately, I have more negative things to say about this book than positive, but that is because of my frustration and anger with the characters…so, in a way, this might be a “good” book because I have so much to say about it (but won’t because of spoilers) and because I feel such strong emotions.


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